Tips, Styles & Designs

Simple Changes

If your kitchen is still in good shape, but is a little outdated, considering giving it a lift by replacing the benchtops and doors.

Make the most of your space

Utilize lazy Susans to make potentially wasted corners fully functional.

Eternal Style

If you are finding it hard to pick colours for your kitchen - go with the neutral colours, they will never go out of style and you can always pop a colourful kettle or toaster on your bench top for a bright splash of colour.

Multi Purpose

An island bench can often replace the family dining table, while doing double duty as a work station during the day or a cocktail bar at night.

Making your kitchen look bigger

If possible always build overhead cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling. You will never have to clean the tops of them, you will have extra storage space and it makes the kitchen look bigger.

Think Drawers, Not Shelves

Have more drawers than cupboards with shelves. It is easier to access the back of a drawer when opened than reaching back under a shelf. Drawers are great for heavy pots and pans.

Making your kitchen dishwasher friendly

You can always consider put in a dishwasher opening even if you do not own a dishwasher. We can always build a removable dishwasher cupboard so the potential for a dishwasher is always there.

Function First

Put function first. There's no ideal kitchen shape, whether it's a galley or U- or L-shaped, plan for the sink, fridge and cooktop to form a triangle, with no more than 6 feet between each for ease of movement.

Working with the light

In the kitchen, you don't want the light behind you, casting a shadow on the workspace. You need it positioned to fall in front of you. Under-cabinet lights are perfect because they shine directly on the benchtop.

Don't skimp on the sink

Purchase the best quality sink you can afford. Good quality sinks will stand the test of time, while cheaper sinks will warp and perish quicker, leaving seals to brake open to let water drain into your cabinets.

Get a few more power points early on

If you're gutting your kitchen, consider installing extra power points at the time, as it is very expensive to get new ones put in when all the other work has been completed.